Looking to sell your home?

If you’re ready to sell, there’s no secret sauce to “selling the right way.” However, keeping these tips in mind can help you earn you the most money with the least amount of stress:

  1. Pricepoint. Price your home well from the start. Starting the asking price high with plans to lower it later if no one bites is not the best approach. Instead, set a fair asking price and watch your home sell faster. The first 30 days your home is on the market is often the most activity you’ll see. Make them count!
  2. Flexibility. Be flexible and make the property easy to show. Be welcoming and inviting to prospective buyers even in early mornings or evenings. Not only do prospective buyers appreciate a flexible schedule, but they value the time they have to move about the house and absorb all they can during their visit. Offer plenty of space and be willing to let prospective buyers explore your home, even on short notice.
  3. Imagery. Photos, photos, photos. Since the photos of your home are the first impression people will have of your home (via all the major online portals), it’s crucial to have clean and clear photography. The quality of your home’s photos can make or break a home visit, and you certainly want to maximize the amount of interest your home generates on the market! Helena always uses a professional photographer for your property photos and video.

Home Staging

Eight seconds. That’s all it takes for most buyers to form a first opinion of your house.

It’s not long, so you need to make it count. Ideally, your home should impress and motivate a buyer to swiftly make an offer before it’s gone from the market. Helena is dedicated to selling your property at the best price possible in the shortest amount of time. Home staging can help highlight your home’s best features, making it appeal to buyers’ senses and emotions. Following simple exterior and interior design ideas and home-improvement suggestions can also maximize your home’s attractiveness and create a captivating first impression.


Helena always uses a professional photographer for your property photos and video. When your home is kept at its maximum potential, your selling power increases! Once your home hits the market, you want to generate interest right off the bat. We partner with the following companies to ensure your home is kept at its best:

Elite Home Staging
South Florida MLS Photography

Bad photos are like buyer repellent. Ninety percent of homebuyers said that photos were one of the most important factors in leading them to their new home. I use professional photography and videography that are will entice buyers to view your property.